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Recently, we have spent a LOT of time at home, with online meetings the new normal. We work online, we socialize online, entertain and even exercise online. Sometimes, we notice blemishes or worsening hair loss for the first time online. Though we can’t control everything, it can be empowering to know there are permanent and easy solutions for hair loss.

Hairs have their individual cycles, and its normal to shed up to 100 strands per day. Any more than this and its best to see a hair loss specialist to make a proper diagnosis of your hair loss. Stress can accelerate hair loss, as well as skin inflammation or auto-immune conditions like alopecia areata. Working and living in the same space means we see more of these shed hairs.

Men’s grooming has come a long way from basic ‘manscaping’.Thanks to advances in hair science, more and more men and women are taking control of their hair loss with hair loss solutions such as medications, as well as hair transplantation.The procedure is quick (walk in and out after a few hours), minimally invasive and produces the hairline you used to have or always dreamed of. As we place our best face forward for online meetings and reunions, it’s important to feel confident about how to present ourselves. Here’s why now might be the best time to finally take action on your hairline.

1. Work and recover from home

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Distance doesn’t mean inconvenient- book a virtual hair loss consultation now and speak to a doctor about your hair loss problems.

Previously, getting a hair transplant meant a 3-5 days off work and a series of explanations to colleagues about your absence. Older styles of hair transplantation (FUE or FUT) can be invasive and painful. However, the latest advancement in hair restoration is the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique, which allows for faster recovery. Most patients can return to computer-based work as early as the next day. Some even answer urgent emails during the procedure itself!

The recovery phase is easy and comfortable, 3 days of mild swelling then a progressive return to exercise and outdoor activities. At one week post-op, patients can resume light exercise and by two weeks post op, the recovery is complete, and patients can return to full exercise, including contact sports, swimming and haircuts.

2. Luxury you can wear 365 days of the year

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As our hair hero Jun Sunga put it, ‘divide the investment by the number of years you expect to enjoy it, and the decision is easy’. @robsoncosta – international model, DHI Philippines / @Robbycarmona- style icon, DHI Philippines

Galas, events and travel are on a temporary pause. These days, our hair is our best expression of how we feel, the fashion, and our personality. The shift in consumer spending to self-care has seen more and more men and women looking to finally treat our skin, hair and bodies with mini-luxuries where we can. With the lower halves of our faces (and bodies) concealed for the foreseeable future, adding more on top has never been a better investment.

3. Virtual hair loss consultations, wherever you are

Clinique De Paris - Media & Articles

Separating false news and expert advice is important- speak to a professional to save time, money and your hair.

Clinique de Paris has made the digital transformation to adjust and adapt quickly and safely. We set up virtual consultations to allow patients to discuss their hair loss concerns with trained consultants and doctors. This means more privacy, more answers, and less exposure. Patients just send photos of their problem areas (to, and the specialist will immediately diagnose your condition and offer a tailored treatment plan. This helps to find truth amongst the fake news, so you save money, time and your hair.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons. The best hair loss solution is to see a specialist in the field. In desperation, most men and women find the first (and cheapest) product they find online, and often fall disappointed. The consultants and doctors at Clinique de Paris have done the hard work for you- as part of the Direct Hair Implantation global juggernaut we have over 50 years’ experience, research and knowledge behind the causes and treatments for hair loss.

Make your next virtual meeting with us.

Stay safe everyone.

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