Clinique De Paris - Cost of a hair transplant are they expensive


How much would it cost to give the man or woman who has everything something more? When you’ve got a prominent career, good physical health, and thriving relationships, what value should you place on improvements to your self-confidence?

For DHI and many of our patients, the answer is clear: it’s the cost of a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is a life-changing medical procedure that renews the confidence of those who undergo it. It permanently repairs visible flaws in the thickness and design of your hair, making it an investment in your self-esteem that lasts a lifetime.

With the hair loss industry valued at $9 billion in 2018 and expected to grow by another billion dollars by 2021, it pays to know which options in the market work best. Otherwise, you risk losing money on “cures” with no medical or ethical weight.

This guide will explain the the cost of a hair transplant, and prove why cheaper doesn’t always mean better.


1. Reputation

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As you would expect, a reputable clinic charges higher for a hair transplant –and for a good reason. The premium placed on reputation accounts for a clinic’s international connections, the quality of their information tools (like their website), and their ability to stay updated with the latest, safest, and most effective practices in the field of hair transplant surgery.

Look for professionalism when browsing the websites of the clinics you’re considering. What might look like mere production value at a glance is more often than not a sign of the clinic’s dedication to making sure its would-be patients make informed medical decisions.

Likewise, be discerning when listening to how the representatives of the clinics you’re considering speak to you and answer your questions. Go for the one that’s prompt, polite, and professional.

Finally, exercise due diligence and check for reviews and ratings on independent websites like WhatClinic. These sites host genuine testimonials from the actual patients of the clinics you’re considering –if you should take anyone’s word for granted, it’s theirs.

2. Clinic Facilities

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Hair transplant surgery is still surgery at the end of the day, so spending on treatment in a high-quality medical facility isn’t just sensible –it could save you from some nasty complications.

It costs money to keep an operating room safe and sterile, so don’t be intimidated by price if it means investing in the success of your transplant. Aim to have your procedure done at a clinic that adheres to international standards for sanitation and presentation.

3. Quality Consultation

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The best clinics hire and train administrative specialists who know how to hold a value-adding consultation, hence the cost of a transplant. The alternative, as many patients have had the misfortune of sitting through, are consultations that spare the details, offer a vague idea of the procedure, and do little to set proper expectations for how the results will turn out.

Put your trust in a clinic that offers comprehensive consultations, give advice on how to further reduce your hair loss, and provide advice on suitable management plans for before and after your transplant. You should leave the clinic with a full idea of what should happen before, during, and after your hair transplant operation.

4. Certified Doctors and Nurses

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One of the most important factors driving the price of a transplant is the quality of the medical team that will be handling your case.

Choose only a clinic that offers the services of a qualified and well-trained surgeon and nurse. Likewise, be sure that the surgeon is solely responsible for your procedure from start to finish. Machines like ARTAS can’t guarantee the proper handling of your extracted hair follicles –the heat from the device itself often damages grafts before implantation, and the lack of palpation (i.e. it’s inability to feel what it’s doing) can lead to follicles being cut apart during the extraction process.

5. Modern Methods

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Today’s best hair transplants are done by hand, with expert precision, and over the span of a few hours. As such, you can expect the price of labor to factor into your transplant costs.

When you pay for the best, you get the best –the same is true for today’s cutting edge methods. Trust a clinic that uses high-quality, single-use tools for extraction and implantation. Likewise, bet on a transplant procedure that guarantees natural results and maximal graft survival.

We can’t stress how much money you potentially save by steering clear of older, more outdated transplant methods. Surgical procedures that involve cutting entry holes into the scalp, or extracting whole strips of skin from the back and sides of your head are outdated and unnecessary –take it from us, 30% of our case load involves fixing their mistakes.

One transplant done right will save you a few rounds of repair work, and a lifetime of regret.


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Every case varies, so pricing ultimately depends on how your doctor evaluates your case in a consultation.

That having been said, our transplants begin at PHP 150,000.00 for a thousand (1000) hairs, inclusive of exclusive facility use, meals, all post-operative medications, and platelet mesotherapy booster treatments valued at PHP 20,000.

The cost rises incrementally for larger cases involving more hairs but gets relatively cheaper as the number of grafts increases. To illustrate, two thousand grafts (2000) would not cost double the price of a thousand-graft procedure, but rather turn out cheaper.


Now that you know how you get your money’s worth when spending on a DHI transplant, we’d love to get in touch with you and see how we can help you with your hair loss.

Like we said at the start of this article, a good hair transplant is worth a lifetime of self-esteem.

All it takes to invest in your confidence is the click of a button.