Clinique De Paris - Philippines is the best destination for medical tourism and hair transplants compared to Turkey


More and more people are flocking to the Philippines to avail of medical services. In 2015, the country ranked 8th among all medical tourism destinations worldwide.

Visitors come looking for eye surgery, aesthetic treatments, stem cell therapy, and all manner of procedures that our local doctors and clinics can offer. Along the way, many choose to drop by gorgeous beaches or shop at significantly lower prices.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why the Philippines is a booming location for medical tourism. Read on, and learn why we’re a hotspot for people looking for overseas medical services.

What to Look for in a Quality Hair Transplant?

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Put simply, medical tourism is the growing practice of flying abroad in order to avail of medical services that are either unavailable or cost-prohibitive in your home country. A person living in the UAE, for example, might choose to have a cosmetic procedure like a hair transpant done in the Philippines for a fraction of their local price.

Why the Hype over Medical Tourism?

There are three major factors that contribute to the popularity of medical tourism as an option for people seeking treatment.

First is the matter of cost. Where a hair transplant performed by internationally accredited surgeons might cost up to $20,000 in Europe, an identical procedure done in the Philippines might only cost up to $3,000 —that’s an astounding 85% rate of savings.

Second is the matter of expertise. Not only do our local professionals perform the same kinds of sought-after procedures as those found abroad, but many Filipino doctors count among the best in the world. As an added benefit, the Philippines is known for a high level of fluency in English among its people, and a deep attunement to the Asian tradition of focusing on aesthetics and youthfulness.

Finally, medical tourism in the Philippines owes part of its popularity to the natural beauty of our country. Many medical tourists use their trips as an opportunity to do some conventional tourism: see the sights, enjoy the local cuisine, and get some light shopping done.

As you can imagine, this means a lot of people traveling the world for the sake of getting medical treatment. In the Philippines alone, we experience upwards of 200,000 medical tourists in a year!

How is Medical Tourism Growing?

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The government has been very supportive of the industry for medical tourism, going as far as to draft laws and other policies aimed at promoting the sector. The Philippine Department of Health (DoH), for example, instituted a Medical Tourism Program to pledge the state’s support in attracting new patients and boosting the economy.

What’s more, the global demand for cheaper medical care is a clear signal to local clinics and hospitals that it’s time to serve to a wider network of people. We at DHI Philippines, for instance, offer foreign patients a number of special services:

  • Corporate rates at nearby 5-star hotels
  • Concierge shuttle services
  • Assistance in booking tours within the Philippines
  • Travel-safe medication
  • Medical clearance to fly

Beyond what DHI Philippines offer international patients, countless other clinics and hospitals have policies and protocols for welcoming foreign visitors looking for treatment –and it’s all thanks to a concerted effort among parties to prove that Philippine hospitality is thriving, especially in the field of medicine.

If you’re in the market for a hair transplant, take advantage of the Philippines’ booming industry with DHI Philippines: the world’s best and most well-recognized name in surgical hair restoration, now available at Philippine prices.

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