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DHI is the world’s leading and best hair transplant technique

At Clinique de Paris, we offer world-class hair restoration and hair transplant options men and women suffering from hair loss. Our results are natural, lasting, and transformative.

A Direct Hair Implant (DHI) at Clinique de Paris is an improvement on the older techniques of hair transplant (FUT and FUE) to create the most advanced and best hair transplantation technique available.

Each hair transplant is blend of European science and artistry, delivered warm Filipino service, at a competitive cost. Every DHI hair transplant guarantees maximum hair density, zero scarring, and natural hair transplant results. Most of all, the cost of hair transplant in the Philippines is globally competitive, with world class service.

Improving your look and redesigning your hairline with us is an investment in your personal brand and image.

Redesign your hairline, forge your own future.

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At Clinique de Paris, we believe the best hair transplants are transformative yet ultra-natural looking.

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