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Now that No-Shave November is upon us, men around the country are spending a little more time thinking about their facial hair. Some see their beards as assets: symbols of style and masculinity to be sculpted as a man sees fit. Others see their beards as problems: a patchy mess that looks far better on the bathroom sink than on the face.

Many Asians fall under the second category. The genetic instructions for a powerful beard simply aren’t present for most of us, so most of us have resigned ourselves to being clean-shaven.

Luckily for us Asians, there’s a medical solution to the problem of poor facial hair growth.

Beard transplants, like the hair transplants you’re probably familiar with, cater to men looking to improve their image and confidence. This article will explore the science behind it, as well as the kinds of results that the procedure can bring about.

How Does a Beard Transplant Work?

As a subset of hair transplant surgery, beard transplants work by taking healthy hairs from one part of the body and placing them where they’re needed. The principle of donor dominance ensures that transplanted hairs will grow as well as they did in their original positions on the body.

The physical qualities of your hair differ depending on where you find them. The hair on the top of the head tends to be longer and thicker than hair found along the nape of the neck, for example. As such, the best beard transplants use grafts (i.e. transplanted hairs) that closely resemble hairs which would naturally grow around the beard area.

What Does A Beard Transplant Look Like?

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The outcome of a beard transplant depends on the expertise of the medical professional in charge of the operation. High-quality procedures are known for the following features:

  • Transplanted hairs grow in the same angle and direction as natural beard hair
  • Hairs are evenly distributed across the area with natural overall shape and density
  • No scars are visible on the donor area or implant site
  • No stitches or sutures are used for recovery
  • At least 95% of grafts survive the procedure and continue to grow for a lifetime
  • A guarantee of satisfaction with free follow-up consultations good for a minimum of 1 year.

Is a Beard Transplant Suitable for Me?

Only a licensed medical specialist can give you a definitive answer, but there are a number of signs that suggest you’re fit for a beard transplant:

  • You have an incomplete beard that you want to connect (ex. goatee to full beard)
  • You have patches of bare skin on the beard area that you want to fill
  • You are invested in redesigning your personal style to include the full range of facial hairstyles

As mentioned, your best course of action is to consult a specialist who has the right credentials. Our doctors and nurses, for instance, are certified by both international organizations (like the DHI Academy with locations in London and Delhi) and Philippine regulators.


Beard transplants are life-changing procedures that leave men looking more authoritative and feeling more confident.

If you’re looking to book a beard transplant, Clinique de Paris is ready to deliver world-class service


Have a question about the process or cost of a hair transplant? We can help.

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