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For many women around the world, hair goes hand-in-hand with confidence. It’s a key part of the first impression they make on the world, and every good hair day leaves us feeling great even before we have a chance to show off. When it sheds, so too does confidence - thankfully, help is available.

We’ve covered female hair loss in an earlier article, and so we turn our attention to a procedure that you might not have heard of: hairline feminization.

It may surprise you to know that hairlines differ for men and women. Female hairlines are typically lower than those you’d find on men by up to an average 2.5 centimetres - making for smaller forehead areas and framing the face in a way that makes for more feminine features.

Thankfully, there are ways for women to take control of their features and achieve the hairline that brings them the most satisfaction. The latest among them? Hairline feminization.

What is Hairline Feminization?

Hairline feminization is the process of reshaping a person’s hairline to align more closely with the shape and height that’s standard for women. Historically, this was done using invasive surgical techniques like forehead reduction, where skin along the forehead is removed in order to lower the hairline by an average of 1cm to 3cm.

Thanks to advancements in hair transplant surgery, however, women can expect natural results without any drastic reductions. With the latest generation of hair transplants (direct hair implantation), follicles are harvested directly from the scalp, and placed in desired areas - all without the need for pre-incisions.

Both cisgender and transgender women can avail of the procedure, as long as they qualify for a hair transplant - excellent news for any woman who is unsatisfied with the hairline she was born with.

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Who Performs Hairline Feminization?

The latest technique in hair transplant surgery is available in Manila, care of DHI Philippines. Our doctors are trained to handle your case from start to finish, and have wide experience in handling female transplant cases. Likewise, their aesthetic training ensures that they’ve developed a sharp eye for female hairline design.

Women living in the Philippines no longer have to travel overseas to avail of world-class treatment: the procedure and subsequent follow-up sessions can happen here at home.

Moreover, women living overseas can benefit from a set of staff members who are fluent in English, Spanish, French, and various Filipino languages. Better still, they have the rare option to combine their treatment with a vacation in the Pearl of the Orient.

Finally, transgender patients can arrive to find a welcoming and LGBT-friendly clinic with experience in servicing patients of all backgrounds with tact and sensitivity.

Where Can I Learn More?

Hairline feminization is one of many procedures that give women more freedom over how they look. If a lower, more feminine hairline would increase your confidence, take comfort in the fact that clinics like ours are ready to serve.

DHI Philippines offers free consultation services at our clinic in Makati City, as well as online through your preferred video calling platform.

DHI Philippines specializes in helping men and women cure their hair loss and restore their confidence.