Clinique De Paris - Biggest and best hair loss and hair transplant clinic team photo with doctors and nurses


We believe in the empowerment of choosing to grow back your hair.

At Clinique de Paris, we specialize in the world’s best technique for hair transplants: Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), at a competitive cost.

It takes years of rigorous training to become a DHI doctor, including International Certification from the London Hair Academy. We boast some of the best hair restoration and hair transplant doctors in the country.

We successfully treat hundreds of patients each year, and are committed to a first-class patient journey, from first contact to final results.

Ludovic Branellec Managing Director at Clinique de Paris in Makati Philippines

Ludovic Branellec

Ludovic is the founder and Managing Director of Clinique de Paris. After discovering the treatments himself nearly 10 years ago, he was amazed by how effective and innovative the hair transplant process was. He strives to help others achieve their hair goals by sharing his story, and speaks French, English, Spanish and Tagalog.

Nicole Sheker Country Manager and trained hair loss consultant at Clinique de Paris

Nicole Sheker

Nicole is the Country Manager and consultant for Clinique de Paris. Nicole elegantly blends her deep knowledge of hair loss and restoration with a natural empathy for patients. Certified by the London Academy for Hair Restoration, she draws from many years’ experience in luxury hospitality to provide an elevated experience for patients through their hair restoration journey.

Rafael Fortus Medical Director at Clinique de Paris in Manila Philippines

Dr. Rafael Fortus, MD

Dr. Rafael is the Medical Director at Clinique de Paris. He graduated from medical residency in Australia, then trained in hair transplantation around Asia and Europe, and is certified at the London Academy for Hair Restoration. He has a passion for teaching and preventative health.

Dr. Bryan Presno Clinique de Paris

Dr. Bryan Presno

Dr. Bryan was a direct admission to medicine through the prestigious Intarmed program, and graduated from the University of Philippines. He gained experience through the Hospital network around Metro Manila, and completed his hair transplant certification at the London Academy of Hair Restoration. Dr. Bryan delivers consistently excellent results, and understands the patient journey with warm empathy.

Dr. Nico Dela Cruz Clinique de Paris

Dr. Nico Dela Cruz

Dr. Nico is a graduate from Ateneo University, with a double degree in Medicine/Surgery and a Master of Business of Administration (MBA). He has worked in general medicine for several years and gained certification from the London Academy of Hair Restoration. Dr. Nico has a keen eye for detail and rises to the challenge with complex cases.